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Velo-city: Perth started life as a book about cycling culture in Western Australia. The book contains more than 100 stories about people and pedals in WA.

Velo-city:Perth has now morphed into a news site, still focussing on cycling culture but no longer confined to WA. If you have stories you’d like us to write, or if you’d like to submit ideas or copy, please contact us. And of course, if you’d like to get hold of the book, just holler – or email We do special prices for our dear readers.
We’d also like to hear which bits of Velo-city are useful – and if there are other aspects you’d like our word wranglers to cover.

3 Responses to "About"

  1. Colin Christensen says:

    Beaudy Deb!

    I get to gloat for once. Every person who gets me the archetypal “oldies” xmas present – a pair of bermuda sox or a Homer Simpson tie – is gonna be put back in their place with a copy.

    Old indeed!

    1. debra says:

      haha! good on you, Colin. Hope you like it

  2. colin christensen says:

    I came across this as I was looking out the window at the iserable weather and nursing my miserable arm init’s miserable sling:

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