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Velo-City: Perth » Events » Perth rider becomes first woman to complete Gibb River Challenge solo

Perth rider becomes first woman to complete Gibb River Challenge solo

Perth cyclist Vilma FitzGerald became the first woman to complete the gruelling 700 km Gibb River Mountain bike challenge as a soloist this week. Vilma had previously completed the challenge in a team in 2011 and 2010. The event grows in popularity each year, with registrations filling in a matter of minutes. Organised by Simon Rimmer of Karunjie Event Management, is one of the most effective fundraising events on the cycling calendar, as well as having a huge cult following in the cycling community.

Getting ready for the start

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3 Responses to "Perth rider becomes first woman to complete Gibb River Challenge solo"

  1. colin christensen says:

    Certainly something that I would not be game to try. It is one of those events that I am more than happy to sit back and read about.

    Though it seems so inadequate for such an achievement, congrats to Vilma. And good luck for next year.

  2. Vilma FitzGerald says:

    Hi Colin, I must admit, the first time I did it I was in a 4 person relay and thought Oh my god what have I got myself into?, but Im glad I did it back then in 2010. Its an awesome event filled with wonderful people and its definitely a life changing experience all for a good cause. The scenery in the Kimberleys is stunning. There were kids as young as 12yrs who did relays and they had a ball, I highly recommend everyone should try it, even as a relay up to 6 people per team or if you slightly mad like me train up for a solo. You will have fun and maybe get addicted to it. :)Cheers and thank you for your support Vilma :) 2013??? Ooooohh….maybe 😉

  3. Rob Molinari says:

    Hi mate, glad to hear that you completed the distance, not that I doubted you for one minute. I look forward to catching up for a chat and hearing all about it. Well done.

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